June 2018 Newsletter

Hey everyone, Summer has officially arrived in Chattanooga and Atlanta and we’re excited to share what we’ve been up to!

Bringing Stories To Life

Hey everyone,

Summer has officially arrived in Chattanooga and Atlanta and we’re excited to share what we’ve been up to!

1. Pass It Down Accepted Into The BridgeCommunity Founded by Coca-Cola

Pass It Down is one of 11 startups selected, from over 170 of the top startups in the world, to be a part of the BridgeCommunity’s 2018 program cohort. To say we’re thrilled would be an understatement! This program connects us to Fortune500’s looking to partner and pilot with startups to solve their most pressing issues.

The incredible line-up of enterprises we get the opportunity to connect with over the next 6 months includes Capgemini, Coca-Cola, COX Enterprises, Porsche, SunTrust Bank, and MailChimp.

Read more about the program and our peers in the 2018 cohort and stay abreast of our piloting victores in the program by reading their monthly newsletter.

2. Pass It Down is a Platinum Sponsor for the 2018 Ontario Genealogical Society Conference

This year, we were honored to become a Platinum Sponsor of one of the best genealogical conferences in the world. The Pass It Down Team delivered four speeches over the power of storytelling and how to collect and preserve your family memories. We also were thrilled to announce that we are utilizing the Pass It Down Platform to bring the genealogical stories of Ontario and the conference to life.

3. Featured Story- Lending A Hand: Early days of credit union traces a city’s transformation

Lunch break was only thirty minutes,

so Dick Swisher wanted to make the most of it. Since he and his father both worked downtown Chattanooga, the two had a weekly ritual of walking somewhere close by to eat together, taking turns paying for the meal.

Downtown Chattanooga in the 1960s was busy, with heavy traffic and cramped parking.  Department stores and shops lined the streets, and the city’s major employers — including the Tennessee Valley Authority, where Dick worked — occupied the downtown corridor. Around lunchtime, workers spilled out of their offices into the nearby eateries like Home Plate or the luncheonette at Loveman’s Department Store. When it was Dick’s turn to buy, father and son usually ended up at the S&W Cafeteria on Market Street. When it was his dad’s turn, they often walked further up to Cherry Street for burgers at the Krystal.

But that was only if they could make it down the street. As soon as the two were out on the sidewalk, a passerby would flag down Swisher’s father — named R.O. Swisher, but known as “Swish” — and ask about a… Read the rest of this story here.

4. New Projects Coming Soon

In the last month, we’ve begun work on a number of exciting new projects for libraries, museums, and businesses around the world. We will be sharing more details in 2018 as their launch dates appear.

5. Get ready for our new blog

When you look around the world there are amazing stories everywhere waiting to be told. The Pass It Down team wants to uplift and empower amazing storytellers, archivists, library directors and others who are working diligently to improve their communities through storytelling. Each month, we will be featuring incredible guests who will be sharing their work and thoughts. Want to be featured? Send us an email at sayhi@passitdown.com sharing what story you would like to tell.

6. Hello New Orleans!

Pass It Down will be exhibiting at the American Library Association’s National Conference in New Orleans starting next week. If you are there, come swing by and say hello to our team. We would love to see you.


Chris & the Pass It Down Team

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