Pass It Down Advances To The Semi-finals of $100,000 Pitch Contest

Pass It Down Advances To The Semi-finals of $100,000 Pitch Contest

Pass It Down, a startup that enables cultural institutions and brands to build interactive touchscreen exhibits and online exhibits for visitors, is one of 11 companies selected as semifinalists for the BREW 2019 High-Stakes Pitch Competition. The competition offers a $100,000 investment prize to the winning company at a live pitch event on Friday, Nov. 15.

The semifinalist companies are ACT One Health, Block Lawncare, Crimer, Debtle, Don’t Get Mad Get Paid, Gilded, Moxey, On Scene Services, Pass It Down Inc., Relief Telemed, and The Youni Company, LLC. The first round of judging followed an application process where each company provided details about its funding history and management.

Each of the semifinalists must now submit a detailed business plan for further review before closed-door pitches to a panel of accredited investor judges, who will select the four finalists for the live pitch event. The closed-door pitch will be comprised of a 10-minute pitch and a 20-minute question and answer session.

All four selected finalists will receive mentorship and coaching ahead of the live pitch event.  

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