Our Story

Ensuring that memories and stories are never lost

Pass It Down was founded in 2015 by Chris Cummings to help families around the world capture their memories and stories after he saw his mom battle MS and early on-set dementia at the age of 47.

“I wanted to be able to record my mom’s stories but I didn’t know what questions to ask and I didn’t have $5000 lying around to go hire a personal biographer. I couldn’t understand why their wasn’t an app that put a biographer in my pocket to guide me in recording my mom’s memories.” – Chris Cummings

Chris, his brother Ryan, and his mom Barbara

At Pass It Down, our team of storytellers and technologists are driven to harness the power of storytelling and technology to change the world. Since launching, Pass It Down has helped 1000’s of families around the world capture and preserve their memories through their award-winning storytelling platform Pass It Down and through our innovative memory cards, greetingStory.

Since 2017, our mission and our product have expanded to help communities around the world collect and preserve their stories and history. Stories matter and they are too important to ever be lost. Our team just launched the first crowdsourced storytelling platform ever built for a city, the Chattanooga Memory Project and we will be expanding our platform to other cities in the near future!

The Pass It Down platform for families is currently being rebuilt after three years of customer stories, lessons and feedback. Stay tuned!