Turn history into beautiful interactive timeline exhibits
- in minutes.

With Pass It Down you can turn history, culture, people, events, and brands into beautiful online timeline exhibits. It's the simplest way to create interactive storytelling experiences to engage your audience.

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Create a Timeline exhibit

Get started with Pass It Down's digital exhibit builder platform and create stunning and interactive Timeline exhibits. This package includes:
Monthly subscription $49/month
Annual subscription $489/year SAVE 20% annually
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Watch the demo and check out these amazing Timeline exhibits.

History of the Ice Cream Cone Timeline
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Timeline
Macy's Parade Balloons Timeline
Macy's Parade Balloons Timeline
Nelson Mandela Timeline
The Holiday Collection Timeline History Center of Lake Fores Lake Bluff
Seeking Freedom: Escapes from the Kentucky Borderlands
Ray Benson Timeline

How It Works

1. Choose the Timeline template
from our award-winning library

Pass It Down's template library makes it simple to find the perfect design to bring your exhibition to life.

2. Create your Timeline

Our design platform gives you the tools and control to create amazing interactive exhibits. Choose custom colors and upload video, photos, audio, text, and PDF's and simply drag & drop your content to create an engaging story.

3. Launch your exhibit instantly anywhere at anytime

Click “publish”and your exhibit instantly comes to life on any touchscreen, kiosk, phone, tablet, and computer.   Our cloud-based platform enables you to feature your exhibits  anywhere you want.

Frequently Asked Questions
Do you offer any training to use your platform?

Yes, we offer live one-on-one webinar training sessions. Click the link below to schedule a time that works best for you.

Can I create more than one Timeline exhibit?

You can order more Timeline exhibits any time by clicking the Subscribe button above or just contact us at support@passitdown.com or call (504) 612-2282.

Can I upgrade my plan during the year?

Yes, you can upgrade your plan at any time. Just contact us at support@passitdown.com or call (504) 612-2282.

Do you have other exhibit design templates?

We sure do!  We have several design templates including StoryMaps, Mosaic, and Digital Collections to name a few. Pass It Down's template library makes designing your exhibits a breeze. Click here to learn more.

How do I add more users to my account or add storage?

You can upgrade your plan at any time to add more users or add storage. Just contact us at support@passitdown.com or call (504) 612-2282.

What happens at the end of my term if I buy an annual subscription?

We hope you'll keep going! You're going to love creating interactive online exhibits to engage your audiences. A member of our Customer Success team will contact you about 30 days out from the end of your first 12-month term to ask if you'd like to extend your license.

Will the price change at the end of my license term?

At the end of the Initial Service Term Pass It Down reserves the right to change licensing fees or applicable charges based on evolving market conditions. If that happens, don't worry because we'll let you know thirty (30) days in advance.

Will my exhibit be turned off if I don't extend my annual license?

If there comes a time when you no longer need to add content or refresh your exhibit and you don't want to renew your annual license at the end of the term, we can host your exhibit for a small annual fee to keep it online for your community. Just contact us at support@passitdown.com or call (504) 612-2282.