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Pass It Down is a storytelling company that helps communities, organizations, and families worldwide bring their stories to life with our Award-Winning Storytelling Platform

The Pass It Down Storytelling Platform enables you to collect and display beautiful stories, capture user-generated content, and engage your audience.

Our platform was designed to revolutionize how organizations tell their story by putting the user experience first. From interactive story maps, to beautiful timelines, to making all your content easy to upload, preserve and share, the Pass It Down Platform stands alone. Our all-in-one-platform works beautifully on any phone, tablet, computer or kiosk system.

How Can Pass It Down Help You?

Corinne Hill, Director of the Chattanooga Public Library

“Pass It Down really understands how important storytelling is to preserving a community’s history. Pick a community; this is scalable.”

Our All-In-One Platform Put's User Experience First

Multi-Media Uploads

Upload multi-media content (video, audio, text and photos) or any combination of the above for a particular story or artifact.

Interactive Timeline

The Pass It Down Platform allows your community to sort all stories and artifacts into an interactive timeline of your community’s history.

The Story Map

The Pass It Down Platform allows you and your audience to pin their stories to any location on an interactive story map. We provide coding options that allow you to color code story pins by thematic categories.


At the start of any project, our team of storytellers and technologists
will work with your organization to make sure your CMS system looks and feels like you.


The Pass It Down Platform is built to scale on any phone, tablet, computer or kiosk system.


Collecting and capturing stories should be easy and fun but blank slates are intimidating for anyone looking to tell a story. The Pathway feature is an interactive set of questions that guides your community in uploading and sharing stories.

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